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Brian Stewart:

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A Tribute to LA Music Awards Alumni! 
2002 Nominees & Categories
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Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year (L.A.)
4. Brian Stewart

Independent Rock Album of the Year (National)
2. Harley Krishna : Case Entertainment

Independent Single of The Year
1. Harley Krishna: " Walk on Water" 

Brian Stewart Bio,

Brian "Harley Krishna" Stewart was born in Hollywood CA and at an early age went to Japan & Taiwan. Harley came back to here rock music for the first time and picked up a guitar and fell in love with it which is apparent when you hear his blistering soulful lead guitar solos. Harleys influences include a wide array of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, U2, Pink Floyd, Chili Peppers, and Sly Stone to name a few.

Harley got his first record deal on United Artists in 1980 at young age of 15 as lead guitarist
and lead vocalist of a band called Vision. Unfortunately United Artists decided to stop being a record company in 1982. Harley then went of to tour with MCA band Felix and the Katz who recorded the first Latin American Budweiser Commercials and then went on tour opening up for , Lords of the New Church Gang of Four, Rod Stewart and many others, touring on and off for over seven years. In between touring Harley wrote a song for the Members of the band Chicago that wound up on on a benefit record with artists like Aron Nevelle, Bette Middler and a host of others. Harley has also penned tunes for  TV on Fox and Trailers for Fox Sports TV.  Harley continues to do session work while working on the follow up record to his current self titled CD "Harley Krishna".

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