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“Rocky Shaw”:  What about her?


            She was born Phyllis Dianne Harrill, the first of four children to Lt. Col. C. W. and Mrs. Rochelle Harrill.  As the daughter of an airforce pilot, she and her family traveled most of her childhood years until locating to Colorado Springs where she attended Jr. High and High School in the Cheyenne Mountain District, and is a graduate of Cheyenne Mtn High School.


From there she attempted to further her education by attending college, actually three of them: Colorado State University, West Texas State University and University of Colorado, Colorado springs,  She explored all efforts to find her niche, preferably, at the time, in an Art Degree.  Disappointed in the lack of success of her college endeavors, she still testifies to the invaluable “social education” she received.


            Growing up, Phyllis was hammin’ and jammin’ to the rhymes of Tom Jones and Neal Diamond and was dancing to songs by KC and the Sunshine Band and Foreigner, cuttin’ lots of rugs and spending most of her free time around the family juke box.  She didn’t officially begin her music career until her mid 30’s -----if you can call it official ----it actually found her.  Prior to that she had been writing songs since her early 20’s.  She referred to it as closet writing.  Her creative writing style is much attributed to the influence of classic folk artists, such as Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, Joan Biaz and Paul Simon.  Sadly, she did not take her passion seriously…..not until it completely became her and she finally realized it was what she was born to do.  Phyllis hid her music and desire to perform behind her gifted art ability ------a remarkable talent that awarded her scholarships and accolades, everywhere she turned.  Unfortunately, college, then immediate career attempts as an artist, became disappointing and unfruitful.  Though obviously capable, she was unmotivated, bored and complacent.  She just wasn’t interested in developing her art talent as a career. 


            For years she denied herself the joy of pursuing her dream: writing, singing, dancing, …. performing.  Resisting unrelenting doubt, she eventually stepped out ….abandoning herself to her music passion.  She often upstaged herself with brush and canvas, but still, music drove her.  The fact that her writing talent and music ability were not obvious or initially recognizable made the pursuit even more challenging. After the sad and recent passing of her husband, life for Phyllis and her son would never be the same.  As to be expected, major change was inevitable.  For reasons mostly attributed to her faith, a very close friend tagged her “Rocky”.  “That was it!”  “It’s who I am and where I live”! She exclaimed.  “My help”, “My God”, My Jesus”….”MY ROCK”.







Now, in her 40’s, though she persistently claims “26” forever, Phyllis “Rocky” is a prolific singer/songwriter and has performed extensively in this area as well as through the south and deep south, namely Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Her son, Dusty, is her life’s inspiration.  Loving him takes her to rock.  “Rock and Dust”….”that’s us”, she says with confidence…”it’s what we stand on and where we need always to remember we’re from.  Always….”from and to “ROCK” and back again”.



            Rocky Shaw recently signed with Old Pants publishing, a Colorado Springs music publisher, and her first CD release “No Doubt” is compiled of all original material. Rocky seeks to reestablish the sound and look of music as we know it.  She refers to that as “Rocky Style”.  Admittedly, she’s a late bloomer –still growing –but has come a long way, paid a lot of dues, and now nothing’s stopping her.  She anticipates an exciting new future, yet definitely not a conventional one for this industry.  Be expectant!





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