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Brief Bio:

Sherwin Galloway Greenwood Sanders was born on July 28, 1965 in the community of Calabash Bight, of the Jose Santos Guardiola District on Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras, Central America.  Sherwin began his musical career in the year of 1983, playing the Bass Guitar with the James Brothers until the year of 1989. Mr. Greenwood then moved on to play the lead guitar until the year of 1995 with a famous group called:  "THE ISLANDERS". The switch made it possible for him to make a move on his own. This successful move birthed a renowned and famous band called "SHERWIN AND THE BOYS" which is commonly called the "RIP YO PANTS" Band, whose name comes from the title of the very first song he ever wrote. Sherwin owns and operates a lounge and dance hall called the "Rip yo pants" in Sandy Bay on the island of Roatan. Sherwin also plays for private parties and political events on Roatan.

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