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Tech. T's Bio

Colorado may not be know for its hip-hop music, but one local artist (almost native of Colorado) is trying to change that.  Tech-T has been writing, producing and performing for over 15 years and counting.  This promising artist has three CDs out and one under his own publishing company, called Ars Gratia Artis.



Originally born in Redwood City California, this young man has spent a good portion of his life in Colorado.  Growing up, his influences were Run DMC and Krs-one.  The love for performing hit him at a young age where he participated in many talent shows through out grammar and middle school.  When he attended East High School his rapping flourished causing students from other high schools to come hear him rap.  Tech-T continued to perform on and off the stage, with his energetic hype style.

After graduation Tech-T moved to Las Vegas where he performed in many talent shows.  He took second and third place in two of the biggest shows in Vegas at the time. After spending two years in Vegas, Tech-T returned to Colorado where he attended Metropolitan State College of Denver.  He studied music and business management.  He managed to take his beats and lyrics to a higher level with new equipment and better recording facilities.  The collection of tracks was growing and he made demo tapes which were distributed to local record stores and friends.


Old Pants Publishing out of Colorado Springs, heard one of the demo tapes which lead to a three CD, 15 song contract for Tech-T.  Upon signing this contract, the first E.P. Roll with It was born.  Tech-T single handedly went door to door with the CD setting up consignment deals with various record stores and promoting as much as possible, while simultaneously working on his second CD Satisfy Me.

The web site www.oldpants.com was created where one can find an assortment of sample songs by various artists including Tech-T.  The first CD received an impressive review (particularly his vocals) in the Music Connection magazine.   To celebrate the release of the two CDs Old Pants Publishing sponsored a CD release party by Tech-T himself.

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